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Cillco doubles vacation!


The Trondheim based startup, already counting 26 employees , launched some extra good news to their staff last Friday at a company kickoff in Oslo; As of next month everyone will get every other Friday off, with full pay!

The reaction was immediate, with applause and shouts as "fantastic", "we really did not see that one coming" and "awesome". When things quieted down and people got their thoughts back, one asked a careful. "Why?"

The founders were all bursting to answer. This change has been in planning for a long time and it's great to finally be able to tell the full story.

Co-founder and Chairman, Yngve Tronstad, started on answering the "why";

"It's about adapting to a new reality soaked with pressure from all directions. Work, sports, kindergarten, school, house, cabin. Everything is much more organized now than before. With most of our waken hours spend at work we see employees struggling to cope with everyday commitments. This is our contribution to move towards a better balance between work and leisure."

Lars Morten Nygaard, Co-founder and CEO at Cillco Technology continues; "Exactly. A lot of employees all over struggle to find this balance. No-one gains here. Not the individuals and not the company. With every other Friday off, which can be used for whatever one like, we believe our employees will build momentum and power to be more focused and efficient when they are at work".

This was not the only good news the employees received this Friday afternoon. In addition all employees will get shares in the company. We also introduce a program where employees are compensated to brand their private cars with the company logo. Alternatively the will get free access to an electric bike should they rather want more fresh air and attain a green profile.

"We have huge recruitment ambitions", explains Roy Ugedal, Co-founder and Group CEO in Cillco. "But to build a great company is not only about finding new great employees, which is a true challenge on it's own in our industry these days. It's just as much about what we do to keep the employees. We hope some of these actions will help in this matter. At the same time we need to have fun at work. Our goal is that everyone in Cillco shall look forward to each day at work, just as much as the look forward to the new days off. When we get there I believe we're getting close to that now missing balance." 

The last member of the Founders team, Dagfinn Stave, tells everyone what he indends to do with the extra spare time; "With more long weekends we'll have time to take on longer trips with our mobile home. There's nothing that builds energy as discovering new places behind the wheel of a rolling house", he says with a big smile. 

Several other employees close by chips in with their plans, already formed mere minutes after the news was dropped.

  • «Golf! Finally I can make that 18-hole round without carrying a big bad conscience.»
  • «Maybe I'll gather some plus points at home. Clean the house before weekend starts.»
  • «Things I rarely find the time for. Hairdresser, dentist, shopping without people filled stores. I might even find time for some mindless zapping on the tele' while the house is still empty"

«This already feels like a very good decision and I'm not surprised if more companies will follow with similar solutions", says Nygaard at the end.

About Cillco

Cillco is a new company as of March 1st 2022. We build industry leading solutions for procurement and supplier management delivered in a modern SaaS platform. With one foot in the consulting business and the other in development our company is uniquely position to help other businesses with almost any challenge. Our main office is located in Brattørgata 5, Trondheim, Norway. Read more about products and services at cillco.com.