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Saves big with more efficient procurement

A cloud solution that makes it simple and efficient to handle purchases and suppliers provides big profits for Norwegian companies.

Imagine a portal that makes it as easy to make business purchases as it is to shop in online stores at home. A digital shopping centre, which gathers all the suppliers in one place and saves the company time and money.

A lot of time and money.

That is what the Cillco founders wanted. And so they created just such a solution.


Lars Morten Nygaard


- It should be easy for the employees to do what is good for the company. It has always been our ambition with this platform, says CEO of Cillco Technology, Lars Morten Nygaard.

He wants to give companies of all sizes the same opportunities for a simple and structured purchasing process.

- In a challenging time for Norwegian businesses, good and efficient digital solutions are absolutely essential. This solution is a modern tool to turn purchasing into something that adds value, explains Nygaard.

Provides insight
The Cillco Purchase platform has been designed so that it is easy to use - and easy to set up. It can also be integrated with the company's ERP system, and directly with many large suppliers' online stores. The solution has already in use by both large and small Norwegian businesses, and provides three main benefits:

  • Better utilization of framework agreements.
  • Less manual work.
  • Full control over orders - and thus also better protection against data criminals.

Surveys show that a large part of Norwegian companies' purchases are made outside of negotiated discount agreements. Because when employees act on their own, they often neglect to investigate whether the employer has such agreements. That means unused discounts – and a lot of money lost. When you make purchases on your own, there is also a lot of manual work. It may cost the business dearly.

- We have streamlined this process, so that the order can be made in an efficient way, and the item can easily be traced to the purchaser, says Nygaard.

Good agreements
Smaller companies often have poor conditions for making good framework agreements with large suppliers. Cillco can help with that. The company has negotiated agreements with several leading players, and this benefits their customers.

- Everyone wants to do what is right for the company, use the existing agreements and have an efficient procurement process. But it can be difficult to achieve. The Cillco platform makes it easy, and then the gains will come naturally, says Nygaard.

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