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ERP - Why should you consider IFS Cloud?

Is your company in the process of acquiring an ERP system? For the first time, or to replace what you have today? If the ambition is to see what is on the top shelf, just read on.

There is a forest of software that claims to be ERP systems. However, many of these often have too narrow a focus when you dive deeper into the details of what is offered. CRM, ERP, EAM, FSM, accounting, purchasing, production, HR. They are often strong in one field, but have limited functionality beyond this. IFS Cloud, on the other hand, is a complete ERP system with deep functionality in most areas within the management and operationalization of the company. IFS Cloud is basically designed for larger companies with several companies and complex processes. Nevertheless, with a configurability, simplicity and availability that make it a natural choice, also for smaller businesses with big ambitions.

1. IFS Cloud has everything you need in one complete package

With modern technology, unique configurability and deep functionality in countless processes, you get everything you need to support your company's processes in one comprehensive solution. You can start with what meets your current needs and at the same time be confident that the system can grow with you when new needs arise. Below you can see a small taste of what this entails and how much this system contains.

AssetAsset Management




Projectproject-1 FinanceFinance
Supply Chaininventory Maintenanceworktask CRMcrm2

Operational HRtimeman2

Supplier managementsupplier


....and much, much more.

2. Unique industry depth

prepackedIFS Cloud allows you to utilize a level of industry experience and expertise that you simply cannot find in other products. Industry-focused accelerators help you implement more efficiently, along with the personalized lobbies, reports and dashboards you need for fast and accurate decision-making. 



3. Built-in innovation ready for use

IFS Cloud builds new technologies such as AI, machine learning and augmented reality into the core of the product. This means that you can utilize the most relevant technologies without having to run expensive or long pilot projects externally.

4. Same choice, regardless of operating model

IFS offers a selection of operating models for IFS Cloud. Run in IFS' own cloud, manage everything yourself or let a partner like Cillco handle the operation. No matter what you choose, you get the same functional solution, without compromises and no restrictions on how you can make the solution your own.

5. Modern design


With a responsive and flexible design, IFS Cloud is designed to create joy for the end user. It's easy to configure and adapt to work exactly the way you want, wherever you are, whether it's at home, out in the field or in the factory premises. Of course, the system is available on both desktop, tablet and mobile.


6. Extreme flexibility and open platform


Although IFS Cloud has an endless amount of functionality, it may be that you need more data fields, other tables, new menu options or want to automate all or parts of a workflow. Zero problem. IFS is built on an open platform that easily allows you to integrate with other systems (of course fully integrated with Cillco Procure ). You can make changes to screens with simple configuration and new workflows and automation can be done with point-and-click. This is flexibility that very few other ERP systems can match.


Why Cillco and IFS Cloud?

Cillco (formerly DinERP) has extensive experience with ERP in general and IFS in particular. Located in Trondheim, Oslo, Orkanger and Mosjøen, we have a local presence. As an IFS partner, Cillco has a stated ambition to make IFS Cloud, perhaps the world's leading ERP solution, available to more companies. Also smaller businesses with big ambitions. Have a chat with us about why you should consider IFS Cloud when the need for a comprehensive business system arises. If only to see what you might be missing :)